360 Camera: Capturing the Scenic View

A 360 camera is a camera that can shoot the entire scene around you. The camera that takes one picture at a time with each lens. 360 camera is an important tool to capture every angle. This new technology allows you to record things. Capturing the scenic view of 360 camera.

360 Camera: Capturing the scenic view


360 camera is a result of gradual development. Many individuals and companies worked on camera to improve its quality and as a result invention of 360 camera occur. Here are some names who worked on 360 cameras:

  • Joseph Puchberger
  • Steven Chen
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro
  • Mark Zukerberg
  • Arashi Vision Inc
  • Ricoh Theta

How far 360 cameras can see?

The distance varies depending on the camera models. The camera field of view (FOV) determine how far can camera see. A camera with wider FOV can capture more than the camera with narrower FOV. The FOV of 360 camera is wider so it can capture things more accurately. The 360 cameras see about 200 feet away in full darkness.

360 Camera: Capturing the Scenic View

Benefits of 360 camera:

The benefits of 360 camera is:

  • 360 camera helps to improve security system. It can be used in buildings, homes, restaurants, school and institutes.
  • 360 cameras used in cars that provide complete view of surrounding to drivers. It also minimizes the blind sports that can reduce the risk of accident.
  • 360 camera is beneficial to captures the natural views.
  • Also 360-degree camera is beneficial for various purposes.
360 differs from 3D:

The quality of 360 camera is more efficient than 3D. In both of these photography’s there are some similarities but many differences.

360 Camera: Capturing the Scenic View
Uses of lens in a 360 camera:

Lens play a basic role in any camera. In 360 camera two or more than two lenses are used. The two lenses facing each other and capture the picture that cover all the angels. These lens work like multiple cameras that captures the picture from the surroundings and collectively arrange all the pictures to make one 360 pictures. Without lenses the camera is unusable and useless.

360 camera is beneficial to captures the natural views.


The 360 cameras capture the images and videos from all angles and store it. These cameras are helpful for household, commercial and for entertainment purposes. There is a wide variety of uses of 360 camera. Many companies introduce 360 cameras with advance features.

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