Look the Beauty of Nature and Enjoy the Best

INTRODUCTION ABOUT LOOK the Beauty of Nature and Enjoy the Best: 

The sharpness of wide open is honestly impressive, it is shocking how insane lens resolution has come in the last decade or so. I remember being super excited about how sharp the Zeiss Outs 50mm 1.4 was when it came out.

 Now we have similar level of sharpness in 1.8 zoom lenses..! what a time to be a photography enthusiast.

Perfect Choice:

I think this is a really PERFECT choice for people who really enjoys using his 35mm like a main lens, but sometimes wants to make little zoom adjustments. Obviously this lens is a great competitor for that 28-70 f2, because of the price and that lovely aperture ring. Sigma is a perfect company, making really awesome options for way better price.

Amazing as usual! Both Sigma and Frost’s detailed reviews! This lens is perfect for those who prefer a wider look to portraits. 45 1.8 is so close to 50 1.8, and the latter is basically ubiquitous for photographers. I’m so happy I pursued the DG DN lenses since they’re just as high quality as 1st party lenses, except their much cheaper, slightly heavier, and have (in my opinion) gorgeous build quality. Focus and aperture rings turn so smoothly.

Perfect for Traveler:

This looks like the perfect travel, documentary lens. yes it’s heavy but you don’t need anything else when you’ve got that on your camera. I take 90% of my travel photography between 18 and 50mm. This is a bit shallower a range but not having to switch around between 3 primes is priceless.

It’s a lens like this that makes me glad we were all asking for separate AF-S and AF-C testing a few years back. And however they (mostly) avoided their recent famously bad distortion, I’m glad they did it. This is the first lens in five years to make me consider using a zoom that’s in my usual prime range and the first Sigma lens I’ve wanted since the 35mm f/1.2.

My Experience :

I’ve been using the Sigma Art 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM on Sony for a while now. It’s very large and very heavy, but optically stunning. Probably one of the best lenses ever made. This could probably replace it. It weighs less, is about the same length, can zoom (internally, too), is quite sharp (obviously not as good as the 40mm, but still very good for most of what I do), and the only downside is f/1.8 instead of f/1.4.

Is Beneficial?

The problem is that for the same price, you can get the Tamron 35-150mm f/2.0-2.8. An important note: in the 35-45mm range, the Tamron still maintains an f/2.0 aperture (it only goes to f/2.2 at 50mm). It is 5mm longer and 215g heavier than the Sigma. Additionally, the Tamron 25-50mm f/2.0 is coming, which according to rumors, will be half the size, half the weight, and half the price of the Sigma 28-45mm f/1.8. And Sony is about to release Sony 24-70mm f/2.0 for the price (again, rumors) between this Sigma and Canon 28-70mm f/2.0.

While it is the brightest full-frame zoom ever made, it doesn’t offer enough in terms of range, size, and weight to be truly competitive with what’s already available on the market, especially considering what’s about to be released (such as the aforementioned Tamron 25-50mm f/2.0).

Super Zoom Lens:

I am into super zoom lenses since the Tamron 28-200 f2.8 – f5.6. Although the image quality is good enough I think it is too dark in too many situations. At 85 mm it is already f 6.0 that is nearly 5 times darker than an good 70 – 200. And for that portrait focal length there is always the option for a f/1.4, which leads to something around 18x more light. Fully zoomed in f/8 might somehow be acceptable compared to other lenses but still it is one stop darker than its competitors. Assuming a shutter speed of 1/400 means even more ISO under imperfect light conditions.

Why I Prefer It?

I have the Nikkor 100-400, 24-120, 105MC, and 600mm all S lenses. But I am going to buy this lens for my daily walks through the Rocky Mtn foothills where wide to tele is often needed. Really, other than brick walls, the main subject is in focus and peripheral objects are often in different planes of focus, anyway. In practical use it will be great. Interesting you know more about optics and hood design than Nikon engineers.

Best for Outgoing:

I could see someone pairing this with a Z6II for a vacation. It’s got a great zoom range, decent quality, and since Nikon handles high ISO really well it won’t look awful when you’re bumping up the ISO in low light situations. Even at ISO 3200 the Z6II is going to look good. But most people will likely be using this outdoors at places like theme parks where the aperture won’t matter as much. Maybe they’ll be at ISO 1250, which is nothing these days.

 But it WILL challenge their creativity and skill; getting the most out of a lens like this is going to require thought and planning. When you’re at Disneyland you can basically forget trying to get clean images while in line at Star Tours; it’s just too dark. But in other places it’ll be fine. So pack it up and take it to the beach or wherever you’re going and get shooting!

Last Thoughts:

I guess this lens is good if you mostly value a wide zoom range with decent sharpness. Otherwise I might be more inclined to go with something else though. This probably fits along the same lines as the 24-200 (although obviously with some different characteristics). I also feel that maybe $1300 USD is a bit much for what you’re getting here and that while not necessarily sharper, a better (although not native Z) alternative might be the F-mount 28-300 which you can get much cheaper on the used market (probably about 1/4 of the price or just stick with the 24-200 which is about $400 cheaper but you do loose the extra 200mm on the long end — as it seems the 24-200 achieves similar results, although about 2/3 stop faster, at 200mm).



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